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Award Winners

Monica Yupa

STEP Secondary Math Cohort

The STEP Secondary Math Cohort will present information they learned from the California Mathematics Council (CMC) North Conference at SWAYWO (or elsewhere) so that others in the GSE would have access to the knowledge and learn from their experiences.

Serene Shi, Hechunzi Wang, Olivia Zhou

EPIC China Education Forum

EPIC stands for Education Practitioners and Innovators of China. We came up with the idea because we hope to connect the innovation and resources between China and Silicon Valley and create a cross-border platform for the next generation of education changemakers in China. EPIC China Education Forum is dedicated to helping Stanford GSE students and scholars who are passionate about Chinese education to understand and reflect on Chinese educational problems critically, and explore solutions creatively and collaboratively through day-long forum. The forum will consist of discussion panels, colloquial, blended learning workshops, and comparative education fireside chat. It aims to provide a space to bring Stanford students, educators, professionals to meet and critically discuss the educational challenges and opportunities faced by this large developing country.

David Song

RREG: The Race, Religion, & Ethnicity Group

The RREG will provide a space for GSE students researching issues of race, ethnicity and/or religion to collaborate, and learn from one another. All students within the GSE are welcome to attend the workshop. Education research from a range of disciplines will be accepted. Students will present at RREG if they are seeking feedback, collaborators, resources and more.  With this group encouraging a community and serving as a resource, the GSE will come one step closer to building and sustaining diversity within our scholarly community.

Emma Gargroetzi, Marcos Munoz, and Andrew Patel

Math for Equity Study Group

The Mathematics for Equity Study Group, going into its second year, provides a space for educators to meet monthly to explore the intersection of theory and practice when it comes to critical pedagogy and social justice in mathematics learning. At each meeting the group begins by discussing a chosen reading that speaks to this intersection, and then moves into a workshop style discussion of a lesson plan or idea contributed by one of the participants, in an attempt to immediately apply the theory from the readings to the practice of planning and teaching in our own classrooms. This group sits at the intersection of theory and practice in that participants will engage with readings that are at times deeply theoretical and then attempt to bring those ideas to life in their own lesson plans with the support of their peers.

Quentin Sedlacek

Project QED

ProjectQED is a continuation of past programs designed to celebrate, serve, and support the LGBTQ+/SGL community within the Graduate School of Education. Our work is intended to benefit staff, faculty, and students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, pansexual, same gender-loving, or allies, building community within the GSE and connecting us with additional communities throughout the university and beyond.

Sergio Rosas, Sara Caldwell, Tessa Forshaw, Bethanie Maples, Cecilia Woerthmueller

Shaping the Workforce of the Future - Applying Learning Science to Adult Education

The program will include four-panel discussions and will culminate in a design thinking workshop that will allow participants to explore several of GSE’s leading academic insights and their application to the world of adult learning. Each panel discussion will be centered around a key learning related and GSE-relevant topic and will bring together a GSE faculty member and representatives from the field. Discussions will be recorded and made available to the wider Stanford community. Additionally, following each panel discussion, the organizing team will draft a blog post capturing insights gleaned from the exchange that can be shared via the GSE social media channels for wider consumption.

Satoshi Suga, Israel Tovar, Anna Leemon, Allison O’Brien, and Andrew Patel


“STEP” in our name stands for “Stanford Teacher Education Program”, and the “QTs” for “Queer/Trans Teacher”. STEP-QTs is a new program designed to serve and support future teachers within the Graduate School of Education. STEP students, STEP alumni who serve as educators, and local educators, all who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, pansexual, same gender-loving or ally are welcome to join. We seek to create a framework and foundation for future STEP cohorts to operate within and outside of the GSE, and to develop a network of LGBTQ/+SGL professionals working in the broader education community.