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Humanistic Inquiry & Research in Education (HIRE) Group

Caitlin Brust, Erika Bullock

The Humanistic Inquiry & Research in Education (HIRE) Group is designed to convene students who are broadly interested in how the humanities disciplines interact with and contribute to educational research. HIRE creates a novel space to explore disciplinary questions, such as: What are the unique affordances that humanities’ theories and methodologies lend to the study of education? What questions can we ask of education using these methods, and where might they fall short? In practicing philosophical argumentation, close reading, and analysis familiar to humanities disciplines, we aim to broaden our skill-sets of critical reading, writing, and analysis in educational research. We will hold bi-monthly meetings for discussion, and we will provide writing workshops for interested students. We also look forward to hosting a speaker in the spring to reflect on the role of the humanities in education.

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